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Building Systems

From one-off sales of lifts, escalators, and air conditioning & ventilation systems to complete packages for commercial and residential building complexes, Mitsubishi Electric is ready to provide a solution that best meets building requirements and user needs. Let us coordinate the optimal building environment and management system for you, and explain the amazing energy savings and cost performance benefits possible when utilising Mitsubishi Electric products.

Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers—Jet Towel

High-speed Hand Dryer from Mitsubishi Electric dries hands in seconds by blowing air in high speed to every inch of the hands. By using the original technology developed for the Japanese market 15 years ago, our hand-dryer machine has gained popularity in hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, and other facilities around the globe. Both energy-saving and quiet, our high-speed hand-dryer takes users comfort and satisfaction to the next level. It also saves operational costs.

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Energy Recovery Ventilator — Lossnay

Energy transfer technology in Lossnay ventilator makes it a highly efficient and effective ventilator to reduce AC power consumption. It’s suitable for conditioned rooms such as meeting rooms, offices, homes and other rooms that use AC and need fresh air. Lossnay core consisting of special paper diaphragm and configured in cross-flow structure can effectively transfer heat and moisture from the air. The results are substantial energy savings and a more comfortable, healthier air in the room.

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Fan Industry and Building

Wide range of fans for the needs in factories, warehouses, commercial buildings, shops, parking areas and others. It is designed with advanced technology to create low noise, durable, safe and easy-to-install products.

Available in following models:

  • High Pressure Axial fan
  • Straight Centrifugal fan
  • Centrifugal fan
  • Axial Flow fan
  • Air Conducting fan
  • Air Curtain
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