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Mitsubishi Electric produces a variety of high-quality products for residential use, including air conditioning, photovoltaic and home theatre systems, as well as energy-efficient household electric/electronic appliances like fans, refrigerators and televisions. All products incorporate cutting-edge technologies for minimum environmental impact and are manufactured in environment-conscious production facilities, further contributing to the actualisation of sustainable societies around the globe.

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Electric Fan

Mitsubishi Electric fan always brings innovation and coolness in your home. Without worry.Due to having a thick and strong propeler fan Quality. With Stronger and durable DC motor type,produce silent sound. Available with many optional speed as you need for your comfort. Only one in Indonesia with unique design can move and direct angle for air flow possible to 180"/90" Double protection from each material. And also give guarantees of machine up to 5 Years

Available in various model Fan and various color options

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Mitsubishi Electric's exhaust fan, with a new 2-way airflow feature, can distribution the air outward and can generate air in the room. The latest motor type that makes it more durable and powerful. The aerodynamic propeller design multiplies the air even more and keep silent. You just need to push 1-click button,so propeler fan can release,it’s can make easy to clean up. Multiple security protection guarantees of each material. And machine guarantee up to 5 Years.

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