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What's for Lunch? Indonesia

Grabbing a Bite at a Local Eatery Mitsubishi Electric Indonesia

June 2018

Jerry Aris (below right) is a sales engineer manager at Mitsubishi Electric Indonesia.

His responsibilities include sales and after-sales service of mechatronics products, as well as market development. He loves his job for its challenging nature, especially troubleshooting and strategic product sales in particular.

Today, he had lunch with his team members from the Mechatronics Division. They went to the restaurant nearest to their office which serves a special kind of delicious fried chicken. Jerry likes the restaurant for their reasonable price and quick service. He can also customise the level of spiciness to his preference.

There is another restaurant in the area he usually goes to which serves nasi padang. One of the local specialties and favourites of Indonesia, it makes a perfect lunch.

He says, “I go to lunch with different people because I rarely stay in the office all day. I visit customers in different locations almost every day”.

And now back to work at the FA Division Office.

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